Sheets Punching

Sheets Metal Punching

Sheet metal punching is the process that led to CMM’s early success, and to this day continues to be a key element in the company line-up of activities: panels, enclosures, perforated and deep drawn metal plates of any size and shape are made on two systems with automated loading and unloading systems. While continually updating its plate punching techniques, the company has introduced a new line of non-slip profiles.
CMM has invested and continues to invest in top-performing plate punching presses, to ensure great productivity, precision and versatility of use: key features in the process- to-order activities the company engages in.

CMM has built up considerable know-how in the design and construction of customised profiles for different applications. The possibility to combine punching laser cutting and bending processes, in fact, make it possible to produce customised profiles that will meet specific customer needs. The traditional approach whereby standard sized profiles had to be cut to size, wasting time and materials, has not been superseded by CMM’s processing methods.
The product is designed from the start as a function of the installation envisaged and is worked with highly specialised materials, guaranteeing perfect results, without scraps and the need for further investments by the end customer.
This activity finds numerous applications, including anti-slip profiles for sporting facilities and manufacturing machinery, interior design, continuous cladding panels for the facades of industrial buildings and so on.

Number of systems 2
Working Range 4000 mm x 1500 mm
Options Automated loading/unloading

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