Tube Laser Cutting

Tube Laser Cutting

CMM operates a laser cutting division, for tubes, tubular elements and profiles, of primary importance at European level.
CMM’s experience began in 1998, when its first machine was installed, and continued at an exponential rate of growth until, in 2000, a division dedicated entirely to laser tube cutting: at present, the company has 9 latest generation laser cutting systems that can cut tubes from 12 mm to 508 mm in diameter.
Its targets include companies from the farming, alimentary, furniture, automotive, chemical constructions, earth moving machinery, household appliances and petrochemical sectors. The uniqueness of the CMM service centre lies precisely in its capacity to process – tubes made besides carbon steel and stainless steel tubes – tubes made of copper, brass and aluminium, thanks to the innovative fibre laser technology.
Besides laser tube cutting, CMM specialises in drilling, slotting, notching, bevelling and cutting at a slant. Each type of tube ends the system that can work most effectively, while providing a full range of services to meet all customer needs.
CMM technical teams use innovative 3-D design software to process les obtained directly from the customer to identify ever-new technological solutions that will improve the quality of the service supplied.

In addition to the tube laser cutting service, CMM also deals with sheet metal laser cutting and beam laser cutting.

Number of systems 9
Min. cross sectional area 12 mm
Max. cross sectional area 508 mm
Max. Load 200 daN/m
Minimum length of bar 2.500 mm
Maximum length of bar 15.000 mm
Maximum thickness 20 mm
Materials worked Stainless Steel, Iron, Aluminium, Brass, Copper

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