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The Stages of the History of CMM

The history of CMM begins in 1974, when the Ghiradi family opens in Medole a workshop supplying steel products to private customers.

Four years on, CMM products begin to be taken up by companies at a time when the Italian market was characterised by economic growth.

The first Numerically Controlled bending and punching presses are introduced between 1981 and 1989, paving the way for the introduction of the laser cutting machines used today.

The first combined laser cutting-punching machine is set up in 1994, and 1996 see the introduction a laser cutting machine with side spindle, based on an intuition that anticipated future market trends in the field of laser applications in tube manufacturing processes.

The first tube laser cutting machine is installed: It was the first stone along the road to the most important activity of the company, in which CMM achieved a leading position at European level and for which, in 2001, it will set up a new dedicated division.

In the early years 2000, as it opens to the foreign markets, CMM evolves from a small artisan reality into an international company, and in 2007 it decides to open a new office in charge of foreign commerce.

2007 marks a turning point in the history of CMM, the introduction of its most important, range-topping machine.

Since the turn of the century, CMM has continued to invest in employee training, the technological improvement of its machinery, its penetration into foreign markets, and has been able to weather the most difficult times, while Italy was in the grip of the economic crisis, with a positive trend.
Today, CMM has developed into one of the main European centres for laser cutting services on tubes, beams and sheet metal. It is a solid company that grows constantly, always seeking and developing new and better solutions for its customers.

Company Mission

Working in coordination with our customers, using laser cutting technology most effectively, and establishing long-term relationships of mutual trust: these are the goals that CMM pursues day after day.
We work together with our customers, not only as suppliers, but also, and primarily, as partners who can offer on a timely basis the best possible solution to specific needs.
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Our Customers

In Europe: Germany, France, the UK, Switzerland,
Austria, Luxemburg, Spain, Slovakia, and Russia.

Rest of the world, indirectly: the US, North America, South America.

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