Beams, pipes and Sheets Laser Cutting

CMM is a European center specialized in pipes, beams and sheets metal laser cutting for over 40 years which guarantees a efficient and professional production system able to accompany the customer in his choices and needs, proposing himself as a reliable partner for any need of companies in laser cutting.

Laser Cutting Tubes and Beams

CMM operates a laser cutting division, for tubes, tubular elements and profiles, of primary importance at European level.

Laser Cutting Sheet Metal

CMM is one of Italy’s leading companies in the field of process-to-order manufacture of sheet metal products.


Sheet metal punching is the process that led to CMM’s early success: panels, enclosures, perforated and deep drawn metal plates of any size and shape.


CMM specialises in the bending of metal plates of different sizes and materials, with 5 systems using leading-edge technologies.

Welding plants

Every day, CMM completes numerous welding processes, on metal plates, tubes and beams, invariably characterised by high precision and great flexibility of use.


We should underscore the possibility offered to each customer to personalise the finished – assembled products to their liking and make each product unique.
Workable Materials

CMM is dedicated to the transformation of steel and has been able to test cutting-edge and high-performance laser cutting machines

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Hardox
  • Domex
  • High-Strength Materials
Perforated metal sheets

Perforated and embossed metal sheets, thanks to their versatility, can be used in various sectors. CMM Laser is the perfect partner for the development of any customized project, assisting the customer from the very first design stages.

Our Sites

In Europe: Germany, France, the UK, Switzerland,
Austria, Luxemburg, Spain, Slovakia, and Russia.

Rest of the world, indirectly: the US, North America, South America.

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Stay up to date on CMM activity. From technological processing to laser cutting up to participation in trade fairs in Italy and worldwide.

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