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 CMM Laser International Steel Service Centre
   CMM laser cutting pipes , tubes and profiles

CMM flat bed laser cutting

CMM is one of the main European companies operating in the laser cutting field for other companies. It is specialised in laser cutting sheet steel and laser cutting tubular sections and steel profiles.

The company operates in 35,000 square meters, 13,000 of which are entirely covered and employs 75 persons.
In the sheet steel division we employ 3 laser cutting systems capable of processing carbon steel, aluminium and stainless steel sheets up to a maximum thickness of 20 mm. measuring 4000X2500 mm, 2 punching machines with automatic loading and unloading for creating sheets measuring 3000X1500 mm and to finish, 2 bending robots for forming sheets up to 4000X1500 mm .
Apart from cutting and bending services, we perform various kinds of welding and assembly work.
In the pipes division we employ 8 latest generation laser cutting systems: minimum section 10 mm., maximum 508 mm. up to a useful length of 14 metres .
Our pipes division is equipped with different machines in order to be competitive in price for small, medium and large pipes.
Apart from cutting single pipes or profiles, we can carry out fixed joints and special joints, for securing pipes together without successive welding, allowing our customers considerable savings.


N' 3 Sheet steel laser cutting systems for sheets up to 4000X2500 MM .

N' 2 Sheet steel punching machines with automatic loading and unloading maximum size 3000x1500 MM

N' 2 Robotised cells for automatic sheet bending

N' 6 Bending machines for semi-automatic sheet forming maximum length 4 metres

N'1 3D laser cutting system for pipes: maximum diameter 508 mm., maximum length 14 metres.

N' 2 3D laser cutting systems for pipes: maximum diameter 300 mm., maximum length 8 metres.

N' 3 Laser cutting systems for pipes: maximum diameter 152 mm., maximum length 8.5 metres.

N' 2 Laser cutting system for pipes: maximum diameter 225 mm., maximum length 13 metres


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